Experiencia al Hacer Negocios

La Experiencia al Hacer Negocios en Costa Rica

Business Style
This country’s business culture is a blend of the customs of its traditionalist society and modern, Western influences. While their business people do not need to have personal relationships in order to do business, most prefer to work with people they know and trust.

They work hard to build and maintain good professional reputations, and they are careful to be rational in all business dealings.

Relationship Building
It is not difficult to get an appointment with your Estonian contact, but is prefereable to use a third-party introduction to overcome the initial deliberations, as well as act as a reference for your creditability. In the first meeting,

Hierarchal ranks are very important in most companies.

The most common business greeting in Costa Rica is a firm handshake, which is accompanied by direct eye contact and a formal greeting. However, some men and women will only exchange simple nods of acknowledgement in lieu of the handshake.