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Estonians love sports and take pride in their athletes’ accomplishments on the international scene. Cross-country skiing is the most popular winter sport. The most popular ball games are basketball and football (soccer). Many people enjoy canoeing, hiking, sailing, motor sports, and cycling in their leisure time, and rollerblading has gained a following in recent years.

Individual Sport Participation
Estonians see personal fitness as important and take up activities such as horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and boating during their leisure time. They also go to health clubs with fitness facilities to keep themselves fit and healthy. Swimming, jogging, running, and aerobics are some of the most common fitness activities.

Popular sports include swimming, horseback riding, canoeing, cycling, tennis, badminton, football, Frisbee, volleyball, and basketball. Of these, basketball is the most often played. Both men and women like to go to public health clubs that have body-building facilities. Aerobics is popular among women, and judo is becoming a favorite with men. In winter, skiing and cross-country skiing are popular.

Private Sports Clubs
Many people frequent private clubs, although public sports halls and recreation centers are available.

Private Sports Clubs Listings:

School Sports
Physical education is part of the educational curriculum in Estonia.Most schools offer physical education and have their own gymnasium and play areas. Tallinn University offers a four-year program in physical education for physical education teachers and recreation managers. Tallinn university also offers students training in aerobics, gym, basketball, and volleyball

The Tallinn College of Engineering (TCE) is the founding member of the Academic Sports Federation (EASF) and has its own Center of Sports. The aim of the EASF is to enhance the sports movement in Estonia. The Mustamäe campus includes a sport hall and stadium that includes a full-scale soccer ground and race courses.

Students have founded college sport clubs in basketball, volleyball, handball, athletics, badminton, and the like. Some well-known collegiate sport clubs are Tallinna SK Reval-Sport/TUT, TUT SK hall-hockey team, TUT’s basketball team and, TUT/Viljandi Volleyball Club.

Professional Sports
Professional sport receives a lot of importance in Estonia. Many Estonians excel in sports such as basketball, hockey, and football (soccer). Many foreign football teams have Estonian members, and football evokes a strong feeling of nationhood, as was witnessed when the Estonian team beat the Russians in 2002.

The most popular spectator sport in Estonia is basketball. Estonia has a highly competitive set of teams that play not only at the national level but also at the international level. Other popular spectator sports are ice hockey and soccer.

Estonians enjoy cross-country skiing, and the famous athletes in this sport are