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Datos y Estadísticas de Costa Rica

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Trucos: Consulting Firm White Papers

Consulting firm white papers are incredibly rich and credible sources of market and industry research available for free online. They are well-researched and provide citations for the sources the analysts used. Think of these as mini market research reports – they are typically under 20 pages long, but they provide an excellent snapshot of the landscape of a particular industry, including challenges, trends, opportunities, and much more.

You can locate consulting firm reports (Deloitte, PWC, EY, KPMG, Bain, BCG, McKinsey, Accenture) through a simple Google search by using the inurl tool. Only search one consulting firm at a time, changing name for each additional firm. Use advanced Google search strategies to find even more tips for locating consulting firm white papers.


scooter rental inurl:deloitte
scooter rental inurl:bain
hospitality inurl:pwc
hospitality inurl:ey


Alternatives to Gartner

Forrester is one of Gartner’s strongest competitors, but there are some differences in what drives its
research. Like Gartner, Forrester’s reports is highly dynamic, reflecting ongoing shifts in technology
sectors and application across verticals; ways in which is differs from Gartner include: 1) focused on the
customer experience/journey; 2) covers both established and new technology vendors; and 3) studies
white spaces that no one is looking at, making it known for creative, out-of-the box thinking. The
Forrester Wave is its equivalent to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.
NOTE: Forrester is only licensed for the Goizueta Business School. Follow the examples in this handout for
locating Gartner reports in order to find Forrester data, insights, and reports.
IDC is also considered a strong competitor of Gartner and Forrester. IDC’s MarketScape is its equivalent
to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. IDC’s database is not licensed by Emory Libraries.
NOTE: To locate additional IDC content, follow the examples in this handout for locating Gartner reports
in order to find IDC data, insights, and reports.

GlobalData Disruptor
GlobalData’s Disruptor database covers technology focused innovations, trends, consumer insights and
VC investments in technology, consumer, retail, financial services, and healthcare sectors.
NOTE: GlobalData Disruptor is only licensed for the Goizueta Business School.
BCC Research
A repository of market research reports, including Technology sectors. Filter results by the Information
Technology and Partner Reports categories to locate relevant content; for healthcare-specific research,
use the Biotechnology category.
A repository of market research across many industries, filter searches by the vendor Mind Commerce
to locate IT-focused reports.
NOTE: MarketResearch is only licensed for the Goiueta Business School.
Use to locate technology-focused data, insights, benchmarks, and reports; focused on digital marketing
and consumer behaviors via charts, forecasts, and robust reports.
A great resource for finding technology-focused data, insights, and reports across industries and
LSEG Eikon
Wall Street analyst company and industry reports can be rich sources of technology trends and insights.

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CEPALSTAT: Bases de datos y publicaciones estadísticasRecurso gubernamental gratuito
Portal de información estadística sobre los países de América Latina y el Caribe recopilada, sistematizada y publicada por la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL) (Naciones Unidas).

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