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Multinational Sources Compared by Alena L. Wolotira; Sherry L. LysenLimited to UCLA Law users
Call Number: Online & K85 .W65 2017
Publication Date: 2017-01-01
Many books collect foreign laws and guides to foreign laws on specific topics, such as intellectual property, family law, or arbitration, often with English translations. Multinational Sources Compared indexes these books by country and subject so that, for example, you can look up all books that include information on Chinese law or look up all books that cover intellectual property by country.

Guide to International Legal Research by George Washington Journal of International Law and Economics.Requires individual Lexis login
Call Number: Reference Desk KZ1234 .G85 & Lexis
Publication Date: Updated annually
This guide by George Washington University’s international law journal provides country-by-country and subject-by-subject lists of books, websites, and other resources for foreign and international legal research.

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General Foreign Law Materials 

Lexis, Westlaw, and Bloomberg’s foreign law coverage is limited but they do sometimes have useful materials, so it’s always worth double-checking:

Practical Law and Practical Guidance

Several years ago, Westlaw purchased a UK based company called Practical Law, which provides detailed articles written by practicing attorneys on how to perform legal tasks in specific practice areas. Because Practical Law began as a non-U.S. company, it has extensive international law material and is an excellent starting point for foreign law research:

Lexis has recently started building a competing Practical Guidance tool, which also includes international content:


The library also subscribes to a handful of legal databases that provide non-U.S. law:

Sometimes scholars will publish articles detailing a particular country’s laws or providing information on how a specific legal issue is handled in a variety of countries. Articles can be rich sources for citations to both primary and secondary sources and may even provide English translations of certain laws. In addition to standard sources for legal articles, you may also want to consult HeinOnline’s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals:


Nearly all private international law problems will involve researching the specific laws of both the U.S. (assuming a U.S. citizen or company is part of the legal scenario at hand) and one or more foreign countries. This is because, as stated before, there is not one well-defined body of private international law; rather, each country has its own way of handling private international law/conflict of laws issues. You will want to find out a country’s rules about jurisdiction, choice of law, and/or enforcement of judgments depending on the facts of the case.

One useful starting point is Reynolds & Flores Foreign Law Guide:

Reynolds & Flores, Foreign Law Guide on Conflict of Laws & Private International LawLimited to UCLA Law users
Provides country-by-country lists of laws on conflict of laws.
For more information see the UCLA Law Library’s guide to foreign law research:

Foreign Law Research for U.S. Attorneys
by Caitlin Hunter Last Updated Oct 17, 2022